Girl Gazing


Sex Trafficking Survivors




Our Mission

We provide support for U.S. born sex trafficking victims and survivors, draft anti-trafficking legislation, and spread awareness. We shine a light on and support the voices of all the children and young adults who are being beaten and sold in our community. We provide love and support for survivors who are rescued or escape from a life of exploitation and sex trafficking.

The Harsh Truth

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.

A child who is being trafficked will likely be raped 10-15 times a night

Human traffickers often prey on women and children who are vulnerable, have been in abusive relationships,  or have run away from home

Traffickers most often contact a child who runs away from home within 48 hours

Of the human trafficking victims brought to Orange County, 80% are brought there due to its county's socio-economic status

A child can be sex-trafficked without ever leaving her hometown. Trafficking does not mean movement across city, county, state, or country borders