Oree Freeman Pic.jpeg

Oree Freeman

Nationally Recognized Activist and Advocate, Educator, Survivor

Oree Freeman lives a life of service. She has overcome adversity and continues to thrive through life's many twists and turns. Oree is passionate, filled with spunk, and is tenacious in her advocacy. Oree's mission is to be a voice and a fighter for all victims of sex trafficking and has devoted her career to combating sex trafficking by establishing awareness, spreading hope, and helping others find resilience within themselves.  Over 15,000 individuals have felt her strength through the interactive training she conducts for law enforcement officers and professionals from other child-serving sectors. Importantly, she has also focused her energy on working directly with exploited and at-risk youth.


Oree is an advocate because she transforms the lives of youth involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems by sharing what she has learned from her own experience as well as the countless youth she has served over the past six years. She is serving her second term on the CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children) State Advisory Board. Oree is a survivor not only of child sex trafficking but a survivor of life's unfair battles and she remains undefeated. She lives a life of service and this is just the beginning of her journey. She is unstoppable.