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Direct Services


Stronger Together offers survivors a group of committed individuals with whom they can form strong connections and bonds in a healthy and supportive environment. The groups of supporters will be trained by survivors and experts in the field of anti-trafficking so they will be trauma-informed and be open to forming a supportive mentorship or friendship with a survivor who might not have experience with healthy friendships, family, and support systems.


This program is needed for multiple reasons. First, individuals who have been exploited by sex traffickers in the life do not often have access to healthy and consistent adult relationships. This will help provide a stable and consistent presence in their life. Second, it is often hard for survivors to trust others because of their pimp’s manipulation. This program will provide a safe atmosphere to form that trust should she desire to. Finally, because of the all-consuming nature of being in the life, some survivors have not had the opportunity to learn life skills that a healthy familial upbringing would have taught them. This relationship will give the supporter and survivor the chance to discuss, practice, and learn life skills that will be useful for continuing to live a healthy and safe life.


One of the survivors we work with birthed the idea of these friendships resembling elephant herds. Elephants are a fantastic, smart, matriarchal society; they care deeply for one another, are loyal, and adopt other elephant’s babies if anything happens to the mothers.  These groups, like herds of elephants, can be like a healthy adoptive family: Stronger Together.


For more information about joining this program as a mentor or a survivor, contact us here.

Stronger Together




Time2Heal is the service arm of S2L. We will provide for victims and survivors who are in need.  This could be anything from basic needs, gently used cars, career opportunities, parenting needs, trauma informed therapy, life literacy, legal assistance, etc.

If you have a need or can fulfill a need, contact us here.


Legislation and Policy

Laws are only of value when properly executed and enforced. The Anti-Trafficking Legislation Lab at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, in partnership with the Carson Center (a subset of Survivor 2 Leader), works to ensure the implementation of anti-trafficking laws in California. 

Bringing together leaders from around the state to weigh in on current anti-trafficking laws being ignored or inadequately supported, the Carson Center selects a law each August to focus on throughout the following year. Through research and in-depth policy analysis, Pepperdine law students craft op-eds to raise awareness about trafficking issues in California, as well as draft a policy brief and a policy memo around the chosen law. 


The brief and memo reports the students’ research and suggestions on how to implement the law more effectively as well as any suggested legislative changes. Carson Center partners are then able to leverage the students’ policy work to advocate for the law’s effective implementation.

 Scales of Justice



Survivor2Leader believes that there is a disconnect between people’s awareness of sex trafficking and the actual magnitude of the problem. We are working on a professionally run campaign to bring awareness to the 90% of the state population who are not aware of our own children and young adults being sex-trafficked. It is currently in production but is projected to launch in 2021-2022. We will partner with local and statewide organizations to bring educational awareness to schools about prevention programs, law enforcement and local government awareness, churches and service organizations involvement, and services for those in “the life.” Our goal is for this awareness to help open the door to statewide legislation regarding pimping and pandering of our young people.


If you are interested in being a part of this movement, contact us here.